Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I Need a Pool Service?

Cleaning your pool on your own is both a backbreaking and time-consuming task. With us on the job, you save valuable time and money with a guarantee that your pool will be inspected and maintained properly.

Why Does My Pool Need to Be Chlorinated?

Pool cleaning is not only about changing the water; it is also about disinfecting the area using chemicals that disinfect and sanitize the water. Chemicals like chlorine and bromine destroy living microorganisms that cause diseases.

If I Hire You for a Pool Service, Would I Still Need Automatic Vacuum?

Although you do not have to, we recommend that you own one. Using an automatic vacuum helps in keeping your pool clean in between our visits.

Am I Allowed to Change My Own Water?

Of course, you can. However, this is advisable only to those who are familiar with chemicals and have a submersible pump. Otherwise, it is always best to leave the tasks in the hands of experts.

Do I Need to Drain My Pool During the Winter?

No. You should not drain your pool for more than three to seven days. If you do, your plaster is likely to crack, causing more harm than good.

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