So you have a pool and are wondering what you should be doing to properly maintain it so it is a safe and healthy place to enjoy your sunny afternoons. Well, here is a checklist that has been created by You will see that there are dozens of items on this list that go over everthing from what to do when opening up in the spring, to weekly items you should not overlook. We are here to help you acomplish all these tasks and more. Give us a call if you want to keep your little oasis running perfectly.

See the list here.

CWS Pool Services is a full-service pool and spa maintenance company. We provide regularly scheduled cleaning services, as well as pool and spa equipment repairs and maintenance. We can expertly repair and maintain any make or model of equipment.

CWS Pool Services also performs acid wash treatments, spa maintenance, and pool-related plumbing and electrical work. We proudly offer the best pool maintenance services in the Fullerton, CA area.

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